Product Related Transactions

There are a host of transactions that arise from the intangible assets associated with products and the locations where such products are manufactured or offered for sale.  These include requirements contracts, distribution rights, manufacturing rights, licenses and permits, data rights, land use rights, and franchise rights.

Sample Transactions

  • A cleaning products division of a large company is closed down and the product line is sold to a third party
  • Two companies agree to jointly develop a smartphone application
  • A honey distributor enters into a series of contracts with honey producers to meet its honey requirements
  • A toy company secures the exclusive rights to distribute a toy within the United States
  • A nightclub places its liquor license up for sale
  • Two internet retailers cross-license access to customer data
  • A landowner transfers land access and development rights to another party

Range of Services

We provide the full range of services needed to initiate and close transactions of this type, including but not limited to:

  • Conducting a review of the client’s product rights portfolio
  • Analyzing the value of the portfolio and the costs attendant with realizing its full value
  • Formulating a strategic approach for realizing the portfolio’s full value
  • Soliciting third parties to enter into the proposed transaction
  • Leading or assisting in the transaction negotiations
  • Assisting in the finalization of the contract for the transaction