Patent Transactions

Patent owners sometimes sell their patents to other parties but most often they license their patent to another party who then uses it to develop and manufacture a new product. In certain cases patents are licensed or cross-licensed to block competitors from entering a competitive space. Patents can also be used offensively to force infringers to enter into license agreements. Patents may also be licensed as part of joint ventures and joint development agreements, or may become available for purchase from companies who are distressed or in bankruptcy.

Sample Transactions

  • A university Technology Development Office licenses its technology to a smartphone manufacturer
  • An individual inventor licenses his patent to a toy manufacturer
  • Two composite materials companies cross-license patents for their products to resolve a dispute and keep the competitive space clear
  • An infringing automobile manufacturer is forced to take a license from the patent holder and pay a substantial license fee
  • Two technology companies agree to enter into a joint development agreement for the development of new electronic technologies
  • A distressed manufacturing company realizes significant income from selling its patent portfolio

Range of Services

We provide the full range of services needed to initiate and close transactions of this type, including but not limited to:

  • Conducting a review of the client’s patent portfolio
  • Analyzing the value of the portfolio and the costs attendant with realizing its full value
  • Formulating a strategic approach for realizing the portfolio’s full value
  • Soliciting third parties to enter into the proposed transaction
  • Leading or assisting in the transaction negotiations
  • Assisting in the finalization of the contract for the transaction
  • Providing ongoing oversight of the transaction (if required) and enforcement services