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Global Rights Management, LLC ("GRM") uses a network of experienced, entrepreneurial attorneys, licensing and marketing professionals, and other professionals with specialized skills related to the management of intangible assets (iAssets™) to provide services to its clients.  A team is formed from the members of the network (the “Members”) to meet the specific needs of each GRM client.  These Members draw upon their experience, skills, and network of contacts to offer GRM’s clients the highest quality advice and services related to the management of iAssets.

How GRM Works

With respect to Members, the basic structure of GRM works as follows:

  • All Members must be invited to join GRM. You may start that process by submitting basic information to GRM using the Join Us form on this website. If invited to join GRM, you will then sign a Participation Agreement which governs your participation in the network.  There is no fee to join the network and GRM owes no compensation to you merely for joining the network.
  • In the event GRM wishes to retain the services of a Member for a GRM project, it will enter into a written services agreement and corresponding written work order agreement with the Member detailing the services to be provided by the Member to GRM.  Any Members retained by GRM to provide services to GRM provide such services as independent contractors (not as employees) and may be required to provide some such services on a contingent fee only basis.  All attorneys providing services must be licensed and carry malpractice insurance. GRM does not hire Members as employees, or pay salaries.

  • Members can provide services on a part-time basis and set their own work hours. Members provide services to GRM on a project-by-project basis and are never assigned to a project that they do not wish to join.

  • One of the major benefits of working with GRM is that Members can generate their own ideas for projects, which can then lead to more work for the Member and more compensation.  Projects are initiated in two ways – Member initiated projects and GRM initiated projects. With Member initiated projects, a Member formulates a business idea, submits a proposal to GRM and, if GRM agrees to move forward with the project, the member is usually retained to provide the necessary services. GRM strongly encourages Member initiated projects. With GRM initiated projects, GRM formulates a business idea, starts a project, and uses the services of Members to meet the needs of GRM’s client.


How Members Are Compensated

  If selected by GRM to provide services to GRM, the fees due a Member are negotiated on a project-by-project basis. Fees may be paid on a contingency basis, flat fee basis, hourly basis or some other agreed upon basis. Most Members provide services on a part-time basis and usually are not paid based on hourly billing.  Accordingly, Members have the potential for significant supplemental income with none of the limitations of hourly billing, and without loss of income from their existing job or clients. Any Members retained by GRM to provide services to GRM provide such services as independent contractors (not as employees). GRM does not hire Members as employees, or pay salaries.  Members do not receive any compensation for just participating in the network. 

Additional Benefits For Members


In addition to the significant benefits described above, our Members also receive the following benefits:

  • In the area of GRM’s website available exclusively to Members we offer our Members:

    • Opportunities to propose new projects
    • Opportunities to potentially join existing projects
    • iAsset news
    • Ideas and suggestions for new iAsset business opportunities
    • A forum for exchanging business ideas
    • Access to well connected fellow Members and to their network of connections with companies and executives
    • Access to other Members for networking and assistance


  • Institutional knowledge of the iAsset management business and coaching for Members
  • A recognized brand name that utilizes the strength of all of its Members to maximize business opportunities for everyone


How You Can Become a Member


  In order to be invited to join GRM you must be an experienced attorney, licensing or marketing professional, or other professional with specialized skills related to the management of intangible assets. In particular, you must have an entrepreneurial mindset and be self-motivated. A minimum of three years work experience in this field (not counting internships) is required.

If you meet all of these criteria and would like to join us, please click below to access our Join Us Form.