Financial Transactions

GRM’s financial transactions services include services related to the purchase or sale of rights that are tied to financial instruments, judicial decrees, or otherwise arise from a purely financial source. They include collection rights arising from judgments, promissory notes, accounts receivables, rights to insurance proceeds, tax credits, and royalty streams.

Sample Transactions

  • The collection rights for a large debt are sold to another party at a discounted rate
  • The right to receive insurance proceeds are transferred from the policy holder to another party
  • A film producer’s tax credits are sold to another party
  • The rights to a stream of royalty payments are sold to another party
  • The collection rights for a company’s accounts receivable are sold to another party at a discounted rate

Range of Services

We provide the full range of services needed to initiate and close transactions of this type, including but not limited to:

  • Conducting a review of the client’s financial rights portfolio
  • Analyzing the value of the portfolio and the costs attendant with realizing its full value
  • Formulating a strategic approach for realizing the portfolio’s full value
  • Soliciting third parties to enter into the proposed transaction
  • Leading or assisting in the transaction negotiations
  • Assisting in the finalization of the contract for the transaction
  • Leading and/or coordinating collection efforts