Copyright Transactions

Copyrights are the underlying intangible asset (iAsset™) in a large number of products and media, including books, movies, games, audiobooks, photographs, works of art, software and musical works. The most common copyright transactions involve the licensing of copyrighted material to other parties who then use the copyright to leverage the sales of their own products. In some cases such use totally supplants the licensee’s brand or it may be used in connection with the licensee’s own brand in a promotional context. Copyrights may be sold or assigned outright in work-for-hire situations, situations where a copyright is not being capitalized, or where the company holding the copyright is distressed or in bankruptcy.

Sample Transactions

  • An author develops a new series of characters that are then licensed to a media producer for capitalization in books, movies, and consumer products
  • A photographer licenses her work for use in a new sports venue
  • A copyright holder grants a game developer the right to insert copyrighted characters and other copyrighted materials into a new game
  • A public figure grants the rights to her life story to a publisher
  • A company in distress sells its unused copyright portfolio for a substantial sum
  • The estate of an author succeeds in having the rights to a famous comic book character revert back to the estate

Range of Services

We provide the full range of services needed to initiate and close transactions of this type, including but not limited to:

  • Conducting a review of the client’s copyright portfolio
  • Analyzing the value of the portfolio and the costs attendant with realizing its full value
  • Formulating a strategic approach for realizing the portfolio’s full value
  • Soliciting third parties to enter into the proposed transaction
  • Leading or assisting in the transaction negotiations
  • Assisting in the finalization of the contract for the transaction