The infringement of intangible asset (iAsset™) rights is a huge problem costing holders of those rights billions of dollars each year. While the piracy of music and video is widely reported in the media, piracy of many other items is just as common, including photographs, toys, fashion and other consumer products. In some cases, companies simply have not had the resources to pursue these infringers. In other cases, the costs of enforcement have been exorbitantly high. In many cases companies have simply followed an outdated and costly enforcement model. Look no further than the music industry to see how the use of an outdated enforcement model, combined with unchecked infringement, can devastate an entire industry. Creative and cost effective enforcement is essential to protecting iAssets.

Sample Enforcement Actions

  • The infringement of a patent on ceramic materials by multiple infringers results in millions of dollars in settlements
  • A multi-million dollar settlement is reached with a studio when they failed to secure the proper copyrights for a film
  • A photographer receives settlements for multiple infringements by websites using her photographs on the web without permission
  • A patent holder uses the threat of litigation to reach a settlement with an infringer, which clears a competitive space for both parties
  • A premium fashion designer label significantly impacts knockoffs through an aggressive enforcement plan
  • Patent infringement claims are used to keep a foreign competitor out of the U.S. marketplace

Range of Services

We provide the full range of services needed to assess violations of our client’s iAsset rights and take quick and aggressive action to protect those rights, including but not limited to:

  • Conducting a review of the client’s iAsset portfolio from an enforcement perspective
  • Analyzing the level of infringement of the iAssets
  • Providing a number of potential enforcement models
  • Formulating a strategic approach for cost effective enforcement
  • Implementing any resulting enforcement plan
  • Providing an infringement watch service
  • Preparing cease and desist letters
  • Negotiating the resolution of infringement cases
  • Assisting in enforcement actions against infringers
  • Conducting periodic evaluations of the effectiveness of the enforcement plan

GRM also uses its own unique proprietary enforcement models when appropriate.  These include a “privateer” model of enforcement and a ‘buy-down’ model of enforcement.  Use of these two models can drastically reduce enforcement costs.